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I am not a jack-of-all-trades, only SOME.
The services I do NOT provide are as follows:

no roofs...
Anything having to do with roofs - roofing, gutters,
downspouts, flashing, skylights. Your roof protects
the rest of your house - best left to an expert.

no electrical or plumbing...
If you need electrical or plumbing work, I urge you to
call a licensed electrician (try Steeves 617-277-0555)
or a licensed plumber (I like Horvitz 617-566-4465).
Do not try to get this kind of work done on the cheap!

no remodeling...
I am not a contractor, so I don't do full remodeling
of kitchens, bathrooms, or basements.

no hauling...
I and my help are not schlepers - no yard
work, basement/garage clean out, or hauling.

and please don't ask me...
Although I have had my share of luck at it, please
don't ask me to repair your appliance, clock, or piano!