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THE DETAILS close window 

Windows - stuck window, broken sash cord, missing latch, rotten window frame, damaged wood sash

Doors - door bottom scraping on carpet, door won't latch closed, loose door knob, loose hinge, broken lock, broken door frame (from illegal entry), dislodged bifold doors, sliding doors off track, pocket door off track

Cabinets - cabinet door split, defective hinge, missing door / drawer pulls, broken drawer, misaligned doors

Stairs & Handrails - loose handrail, loose / broken stair treads, broken balusters

Other - bathtub caulking, broken light switch, wobbly wood chairs, water damaged walls and ceilings, loose towel bar / toilet paper holder, rotten wood window and door trim, broken wall tile

Windows & Doors
Double Hung Window Restoration - Before you purchase vinyl replacement windows, find out whether your existing double hung windows can be restored. I replace the ropes with chains, install spring seal weather stripping, lubricate the pulleys, install new parting beads, and make other repairs as necessary. Your windows will work better than when they were new. Combined with good storm windows, they will provide weather insulation comparable to vinyl replacement windows.

Storm Doors & Windows - I sell and install Harvey Industries storm doors and windows, exclusively. They are better made than, and provide insulation superior to, any product you can buy at a home improvement center.

Vinyl Replacement Windows - I also sell and install Harvey Industries vinyl replacement windows. These windows are heavily built, work smoothly, and are an excellent value.