Transforming Your Space

Covid-19 has changed the way that many of us live and work in our homes. Finding space for living, working and learning is often a challenge even in the largest of homes. Creative storage solutions can help.

We can assist in re-configuring the way you live in the rooms of your home, to better support the well being of you and your family.

Our Space and Storage Solutions:

  • Design and create workspaces
  • Design and build shelving
  • Design and build closets
  • Design a variety of storage solutions

Over the past 20 years, we have designed and installed hundreds of closets, work spaces and garage storage solutions around the Container Store’s ELFA system. While the system once offered only a utility appearance (double slotted standards, brackets, and wire shelving), today a system can be configured with a handsome finished appearance. Drawers and desk tops can be integrated to achieve a functional work space. The most attractive feature of the ELFA system, is that it can be reconfigured as your needs change over time.

IKEA Plus –
IKEA systems designed for home assembly can be used by us to form the foundation of a project in your home that will have the look and feel of a built-in. We have built closets (PAX system) for bedrooms, and attractive cabinets (SEKTION system) for both pantries and storage lockers. The wide variety of furniture and kits offered by IKEA can also simply be used as intended – we can do the assembly.

Occasionally, a homeowner has an idea that does not lend itself to using component or kit systems. We are prepared to build small, custom solutions. We love these projects.

Contact us to discuss your ideas.