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Our Mission

For over 20 years, homeowners in the Greater Boston area have relied on us to help them with small projects and repairs. Our goal is always to make your home work better for you. Whether it is a few hours making some small repairs, or several days on a larger project, our mission is to give every customer the best of our skill, creativity and experience.

Here’s Our Team

Jeff Lasky, handyman working with tools

Under the tutelage of my father, a master carpenter and cabinet maker, I learned the trades growing up in New York City. After a career in technical sales and software engineering, and one too many layoffs, in 2001 I returned to my roots and founded Lasky Homesmith Services. No longer an avocation, and with a Civil Engineering degree complimenting my experience, Lasky Homesmith became my full time career. I rediscovered what I had learned from my dad, and today, I still take pleasure in occasionally using the 1950’s vintage bandsaw that I inherited from him.

For the past forty years I have been a resident of Brookline, living in the Village, where my wife and I have raised our family. After a number of years working with me on a part time basis, in 2017, I was thrilled to welcome my son Alex on board as my full time partner.

Jeff Lasky repairing an an antique door

I still remember the sense of satisfaction I had when I beat my dad in chess for the first time. Working for Lasky Homesmith part time, I was presented with difficult problems regularly, and experienced that same sense of satisfaction each time I solved them.

So in 2017, I chose Lasky Homesmith for my full time career. Now, much like when he taught me chess three decades ago, I have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills from my dad.  I am in constant awe of his ingenuity and intellect and am thrilled that I have the opportunity to learn from him.

Handyman truck with many tools

We started Lasky Homesmith Services in 2001, out of the back of our 16 year old Volvo station wagon. A few months later, we purchased an Econoline van, which we customized with some shelving. Eight years later, with the business continuing to grow, we upgraded to a larger Sprinter van. This was the first vehicle we customized with wood drawers, shelving, and storage spaces to specifically accommodate our larger tools. Our current “mobile workshop” build-out is a Ford Transit, often admired even by passing strangers. Almost two decades of experience working in customers’ homes informed our decisions about what tools, equipment, parts and supplies commonly required by the wide range of work we undertake, would outfit our truck. When we arrive to do your job, we are prepared.

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