Small Projects & Repairs

Common Repairs

From our more than 20 years  of experience, listed below are the most frequently requested repairs, grouped by type.

Damaged cabinet door hinges; loose door/drawer pulls; failed drawer bottoms; inoperable drawer slides; loose cabinet trash receptacle hardware; cabinets separating from the wall; misaligned door and drawer faces; cabinet above the refrigerator that is too low to install a new, modern appliance.

Loose towel bars and toilet paper holders; dropped shower curtain rod; missing tile grout; loose grab bars.

Broken sash cords; stuck windows; drafty windows; broken glass; damaged, or or missing window parts.

Will not close or latch; scrapes door frame or threshold; loose hinges; door knob hardware damaged; inoperable pocket door.

Broken or loose treads; loose handrail brackets; missing/broken balusters.

Loose stair treads, deck boards, or posts; rotted stairs, railings, post bases, window sills, window casings, or siding.

At Lasky Homesmith we are experts at a host of small household repairs. 

We arrive prepared!

Our truck’s interior says it all!

Parts – 23 parts boxes, large and small, with wood screws, sheet metal screws, wall anchors, cabinet hinges, glues, tapes, epoxies, rivets, washers, threaded inserts, and a variety of unusual one-of-a-kind parts.

Power Tools – Table saw, miter saw, router table, circular saw, jig saw, dremel, sander, router, multi-master, drills, drivers, glue gun, sawzall, planer, heat gun, and a few you’ve never heard of.

Hand Tools – 4 hand planes, 13 chisels, tapes, folding rule, and numerous jigs and measuring tools.

Clean Up – HEPA vacuum, Swiffer, demolition bags, drop cloths, broom and dustpan.

Our truck is a shop on wheels!