Preparing to Sell

There is no shortage of online advice on the “10 things to do” to prepare for showing your home for sale. At Lasky Homesmith, we have a different perspective, and offer our advice here.

When we help a homeowner prepare to sell, our objective is to eliminate the issues/problems/distractions that might cause a potential buyer to hesitate. You never know what door a prospective buyer will close, what kitchen drawer they will open, or what broken window rope will catch their attention.

A home with systems and fixtures that work well and look good tells a potential buyer that the home has been well maintained and lovingly cared for. It’s the small things that can make a big difference, reassuring a buyer in the midst of an uncertain process.

Our Process

We start at the front of your home, setting the stage for the walk through. 

Stairs, handrails, decking, and porches that lead to the front door should be attractive and rot free. The front door should open smoothly without sticking or squeaking. Door handles should be firm and not loose, and the door should latch easily.

Inside the home, windows should work smoothly, doors should close and latch without issue. Doors, windows, medicine cabinets, curtain rods and an array of fixtures and decorative items should be properly aligned, and in good working order.

The kitchen, in particular, is a central feature of every home. New life can be given to old cabinets with new hinges and hardware. Kitchen drawers should slide open and close smoothly. Cabinet doors and drawer faces should be nicely aligned.

Each home is unique; preparing and restoring it so that it is both functional and attractive is vital in your preparation to sell. Small repairs of every kind are the heart of our work at Lasky Homesmith. We are uniquely positioned to work with you and your realtor in preparation of selling your home.

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