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"I have hired Jeff twice to work in my home and in my tenant's apartment with excellent results. He repaired and painted water damaged ceilings, replaced door latch sets, fixed doors so that they worked properly, replaced 2 sink disposals, patched torn wallpaper, aligned kitchen cabinet doors, caulked around bathtub, and many other small repairs. He has also refurbished a dozen double-hung windows. Jeff is friendly, easy to work with, and non-intrusive in my home. He is very thorough, enjoys a challenge, and cleans-up perfectly. His work displays superior craftsmanship. I have willingly and happily recommended Jeff to family and friends."

- Maria Benet

"Jeff has done some wonderful projects to enable my dad to continue living in his own home in Brookline. He has built hand rails so that he can come upstairs more easily and be able to get out on the porch. If there are any little problems, he comes right over and fixes them. This is a great help to me since I live two hours away and can’t be there all the time. It is really good to have someone reliable to call on".

- Linda Young

"I always call Jeff to do small jobs in our home. He has installed air conditioners, unclogged a sink, installed closet hanger bars, changed lights fixtures, and fixed a clock, among other repairs. The best thing he ever did for us: we have an old bathroom sink that had separate hot and cold faucets. He took them out, and installed a hot/cold lever faucet in one of the holes, and a liquid soap dispenser in the other. He is a real problem solver."

- Lou Font

"After we put our condo on the market, Jeff patched and painted several damaged walls. He repaired several windows, and did some other woodworking repairs. After our condo sold, we bought a new house. Jeff removed a non-bearing wall and turned two rooms into one. Later, he assembled a large pulley-weight machine for my husband. Jeff is a very conscientious worker. Wonderful attention to detail, extremely trustworthy, and very polite. He completed quality work on time."

- Shari Fielbe

"Jeff fabricated and installed compound baseboard molding for my kitchen to match the period molding in the rest of my ca. 1920 condo. He took care to shape each piece to accommodate the lack of right angles and wavy floors typical of an old building. I am very pleased with his work."

- Brian Siedman

"Jeff installed a bathroom vanity set for me. But before doing this, he sanded and repainted the recess and walls. He also showed me a little trick he used to make the vanity set (which was sold with a defect) hang straight and level. The bathroom looks brand new, I wish I knew to call him 10 years ago!"

-Lisa Berelson